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First Air Medal - 1969
Back row left to right:
Jack Grolla - AG, Harvey Nelson - AG, Gene Fields - AG, Art Humphrey - IO, John Shugmann - FE 
Front row kneeling left to right: 

Carroll (Sam) C. Croft -AG,
Larry Bower - IO,
Joe Galbraith - IO

Tom Adachi
 - AG (1970)

Denny Bivens - AG (1970)


Gene Fields - AG (1969)


Joe Albright - AG (1969)

left - Jeff Hamilton - AG  (1970)

 right - Al Bedoya - AG (1970)

Gene O'Neil - FE (1969)

Dan Downey - IO (1969)
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Jack Grolla

Barracks Picnic

Photo taken 28 March 69 with Aircraft 129. Crew was from the mission of 27 March 69 where the aircraft was hit in the right elevator by 37mm just southeast of Tchepone while attacking a large truck. F-4 escort destroyed the gun emplacement. 
Front Row – L to R: (Crew positions on 27 Mar 69).  SSgt. L.C. Branum - Gunner, Sgt. Thomas A. Griebel – Gunner, Sgt. Albert J. Dilts – Gunner, Sgt. David Hayes – Gunner, SSgt. Vincent Marrazzo – IO.
Back Row – L to R:
Maj. William T. Crafton – Table Nav, Capt. Lawrence E. Flinn – IR, Capt. Maurice D. Galey –
Aircraft Commander, Maj. Charles F. Spicka –
Co-pilot, Capt. Roy L. Costly – Student IR,
Capt. Gerald M. Harris – NOD,
MSgt. Thayne L. Milby – FE.

Enlisted Barracks Early 69
Before A/C

Typical Bed Area Before A/C

Who am I?

Battle Damage

Fast Pitch Softball Champs

 20 MM

7.62MM MiniGuns

Bug Control!

Base Chapel

Base Theater

Flare Launcher

20MM Bins (Aft Guns)

F-4 Flightline

Barracks Life

Early Ultimate Fighting Championship?


Fast Pitch Softball Team 1969

Ubon Temple

Thai Housing

Thai Housing

Thai Movie House


Moon River

Moon River

Patch Given to Original Crew Members
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Al Dilts - The First Spectres at Ubon 1969!

2 SAMs

AC-130 taken 11/68

3 GI's on the Mun river:  Thai guy-unknown, Standing up-Dennis Kurjack,  Middle-unknown, Cool dude with shades and shirt-
Robert M. 'Mike' Thompson

May68-May 69

May68-May 69

May68-May 69

May68-May 69

B-52 over Loas?

May68-May 69

We have all seen this cool painting!

Cockpit Pic

Cockpit Pic

Names Anyone?   left to right, At edge of pic-unknown, Dennis Kurjack,
Robert M. 'Mike' Thompson, Behind me-unknown, Unknown, Joe Horvath, Bruster Powell, Unknown, Unknown, Front left-Roger Daugherty,
Front right-unknown
PS:  Unknown translates into "can't remember"

TDY Orders to NAHA for PM

Names on back of TDY to NAHA Orders

"The Ho Chi Min Trail"

Ubon POL Tanks

From left,  Lang,Irving Ramsower (pilot),EWO,GUNNER,Charles Kendle (AG), Dennis Haltom, & Dave Sutphin,

Does anyone know who the other men are?  the date for this photo must be before march 1971
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Robert Thompson

Last mission Left to Right Msgt Minton (gunner), Sgt Bob Buckman (gunner), Sgt Dwight McGrath (gunner), Sgt Larry (last name unknown) (gunner), Sgt Tom Hoza (gunner), Tsgt M (willy) Smith (gunner),In back (with bottle) FE name?

Last Mission Wash down L-R Tsgt M. Smith,
Msgt Minton, Sgt Tom Hoza

Remember The Party Wagon ? 1970 Ubon

Last mission : Sgt Bob Buckman (facing camera),
Ssgt Humphrey (back to  camera)

Wall from Squadron building, Ubon 1970

Air Force Times Article
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Thomas Hoza,  Ubon 69-70

Spectre arriving in Korat 1974

Some of Spectre's finest, (Gunners)
(l to r) Robert Wolfe, Curtis (Radar) Rodenhouse, Robert Rewolinski

Stop on trip to Bangkok from
Korat 1975

Barry Wilkins supervising
the "Klong patrol"

Worm Warner and Dave Burns
at Temple in bankbook

1975 As ever
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Dave Burns,  Ubon

Crew Picture Back Row 1? 2 table nav Woody Nelson 3 Copilot Ed Lafon 4 ? 5 ? 6? 7 ? 8 ?

Front Row 1 AC Chuck Mays 2 IR Kent Kjelstrom 3BC Lee Derosa 4 ? 5 FE Dan Friedlander.

That's as good as my aged memory can recall.

That's Frank Lewis on the left, I can't remember the guy with the clippers name.

That ought to be enough to scare any bad guys.


Dan Friedlander on HOG Watch for Ben Hurt's champagne party.

Spectre Joe,Dave Hays,Jed Smith(Foco),Ed Lafon,Woody Nelson (crew 4) and Larry Taylor & FE from another crew debreifing at the hooch.


Jim Smith (IO) and Chuck Mays relaxing at the hooch after a mission.

Ed Lafon, Kent Kjelstrom, Chuck Mays, and Jeff Bastar getting for lifeguard duty for Dan Friedlander (I needed them)

Dan Friedlander getting a haircut at the bar in the barracks. Frank Lewis doing the honors.

Lee Derosa (BC), Spectre Joe Albright (AG) Dan Friedlander (FE) Dave Hays (AG) and Ed Lafon (CP) Crew 4 in the hooch after a mission.

Left Jim Smith (Smitty) IO  &  Dan Friedlander have a brew on an off night
Above Photos Courtesy of
Dan Friedlander

Roy in the middle, I believe Roger
on the rt. ? on left

Note: missing leading edge

Overhead Ubon RTAFB

High above Ubon

AC 130 parking

- 029 at rest

On the way out of Ubon

Just prior to taxi to take-off

Thai helo

The tower

Another Shot of her

Thanks goes out to this group

Entrance to the Lair

F-4's Night Lights?

Front of Victory Dance card

Back side - I hoping
she doesn't need this!

I don't remember tail #
but note damage outlined in
white caulk
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Roy Hanville

AC-130A 0046 on her way home 1975
Summer of 1975.  They were taken on the ramp at Korat as we were preparing to leave in June of 1975.  In the crew photo, Navigator on left Jim Carlet. Center was Walt Holloway, aircraft commander.  On the right was Bill Cook copilot.

AC-130A 0046 on her way home 1975
Jim Carlet, "
The trip was full of fun things and took almost a month since the aircraft had lots of problems".

Photos for this section courtesy of:
Jim Carlet

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