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AC-130A Acft #129 "First Lady"
Over Coast (E. of SanDestin)

AC-130A Aft 40MMs

AC-130H 20MM & 40MMs Firing

AC-130A Acft #040
Photos for this section courtesy of Fred Gockel (Spectre FE)

AC-130A Aft 40MMs

AC-130A Aft 40MMs

Battle Damage!

AC-130A All Gatlins!

AC-130A #6 40MM Firing

Early H-Model

H-Model over Destin
Note:  Lack of buildings!

H-Model during sunset flight

A-Model Aft 20MMs

"A World of Hurt"!
Dual Tracer Fire!

Last SEA Combat Mission
Crew #25
15 Aug 73

AC-130 through the trees

SGT Don Dawson
on the 40MM
Jun 72

MSGT Jacob Mercer & SGT Lonnie Blevins on the 105 MM
27 May 72

Task Force Gunship II
with Acft 54-1626
5 Dec 67

"Spooky to Spectre"

H-Model Okaloosa Island
Note: Size of beach

"Roman Nose" A-Model

Acft 011 A-Model in Formation

SEA A-Model

Spectre Association
Bumper Sticker

16 SOS Blood Chit
From a T-Shirt hanging in the "Fireside Lounge"
Photos for this section courtesy of Fred Gockel (Spectre FE)
Photos for this section courtesy of Bill "Rotten" Cotton

First row
 From Left: Harvey Nelson (AG), Joe Jeter (IO),   Richard A. (Dick) Roberts (copilot), Lamoin (Buddy) Tripp, UNK, UNK.
Back Row
 Second from Left: Paul Wilke, far right is possibly Lt. Col Thomas (pilot)

 Any one else remember the names?
 Taken Mar/Apr 1973
courtesy of Paul Wilke)_

573 when it took a SAM in the tail section in 1971-72.  You can see where it entered and the exit holes.  The picture was posted in the 16 SOS maintenance office.  
(courtesy of Danny Baber
Spectre 1970-1972
Blind Bat 1970)
Photos for this section courtesy of YOU! (Send them in)

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