First, thanks for offering your photos to our website!

Please upload only .jpg and .gif files. Please keep them to under 2MB each.

You can upload .zip files but please try to keep these under 10MB

If you want special text under each picture please email pj@pjcook.com with the text along with the appropriate file name you want it under. Or you can include that info on a text or word file uploaded as well.

Using Internet Explorer:

Username: u37372555-upload
Password: spectreup

Note:  If you would like to use a ftp client (like filezilla, wsFTP,...)
please feel free to do so as well
If using Internet Explorer 7 after entering username/password, then select "Page" then "Open FTP Site in Internet
Explorer" then you can drag and drop or copy and paste your photos in.

Thanks and See you at the next REUNION!


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