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Panama Air Papa 07 - Capt Hughes' Crew
Panama Air Papa 07
Capt Hughes' Crew
AC- Capt Jim Hughes
CP - Tommy Tran
NAV- Steve Satore
FCO- ???
EWO - Bill Lasquadro
TV- Ron Marshall
IR - Chief Holifield
FE- Robley Withrow
IO - Tom Parker
AG- Charlie Smith
AG- Shorty Bryant
AG -Todd McGee
AG - Roger Jones
AG - Brian Woolard
Photos for this section courtesy of: Tom Parker/Bill Walter/Howie Robson
Front Row (L-R)
Herman Herrera
Bill Burgess
Sammy Rodriguez
Mark Johnson
Bill Walter
Ed Rodriguez


Jack Flanders' crew
Maj Jack Flander's Crew

Operation Blinking Light
Jack Flanders' crew

1 for the Ladies!

Back Row (L-R)
"Batman" Bateman
Jack Flanders
Roger VanStee
"Natsy" Nicastri
Rick Spencer
Fred Kramer


Front Row (L-R)
Paul Weaver
Mike McDaniel
Mark Hicks
John Leahey
Tim Harrison
Mike McCarthy
Paul Weaver's crew
Operation Blinking Light
Paul Weaver's crew


Back Row (L-R)
"Sparky" Sparks
Hart Elkin
Bill Walter
Ralph Courtney
Jimmy G
Damon Duvall


Front Row (L-R)

Dave Hays (TV)
Mike Byers (AC)
John Lasorda (NAV)
Wilkins (IR)

Operation Blinking Light
Mike Byers 1983 crew


Back Row (L-R)
Ken Haren (EWO)
Matt Lofgren (AG)
Rick Hall (IO)
Danny Colvin (AG)
Glen Gaudette (FE)
Darrel Skinner (AG)
Larry Hickey (AG)
Howie Robson (FCO)
Keith Traster (CP)


Front Row (L-R)

TJ Gallagher
Doug McGarity
Howie Robson
Mike Guidry
Jerry Appleby
Rick McKay
Ray Honaker

Back Row (L-R)

Unknown IO
Unknown SENSOR
Chester "Chet" Pepek
Fred Kramer
Kevin Morris
Willie Kramer
Jim West
Derral Skinner

Ray Honaker
TJ Gallagher
Howie Robson
Doug McGarity
Mike Guidry (back to camera)
 introducing us to Mr Bush.
Photos for this section courtesy of Unknown

Last combat illumination mission performed by any gunship!

We actually launched LUU-2 Parachute Flares (the big tube shaped flares) over Ft. Cimarron during  the assault. 
There wasn't a LAU-74 onboard, so Dale Williams (IO) hand-launched them off the ramp.  We got 3 flares in the air one thousand feet apart in altitude, and a pair of A-37s made a few passes with bombs and rockets.
Ken Moerscher (AG),

Combat Mission of Panama (Just Cause)
"The Ultimate End"
A-Model Aircraft Crew:

Frt Row: 
TSgt Bob Fortenberry FE,
MSgt Bruce Jorgenson, SEN
SSgt Brian LaFlamme, AG
SSgt Greg Fullerton, AG
Capt Mike Wilson, AC
SSgt Dale Williams, IO

Back Row:
Lt Tim Sokolowski, CP
MSgt Jim Lewick, SEN
Cpt Jon Wilson, FCO
Cpt Jim Woods, EWO
A1C Ken Moerscher, AG
MSgt Larry Windsor, AG
TSgt Dan Moesly, AG

Photos for this section courtesy of Ken Moerscher

Back row L-R
Rich McKay (SO), Buck Allen (P),
Mark Gieringer (CP), Ron Broyles (AG),
Albert Sexton (SO), Larry Hickey (AG),
Bill Walter (AG),
Angelo Pearson (IO),
Darren "Vito" Vitalo (AG), D.C. Ford (FE)

 Front Row, L-R
Bobby Daniel? (AG), Paul Singleton (FCO),
Kirby Locklear (Nav), Larry Bupp (AG),
?? (EWO most likey),
 Laying down, Dave Rummage??  (FE)


Back Row L-R

Steve Payne (P), Buck Allen (CP),
 Brad Broyles (NAV), Chris Woods (FCO),
 Ray Pijma (EWO), Dave Harrison (TV),
 Fred Kramer (IR)

Frt Row L-R
Buddy Atkins FE, George Harrison? (IO),
Tim Harrison (AG), Bobby Daniel (AG),
Virgil Crosby (AG), Jimmy Hamilton (AG),
Dennis Peterson (AG)

Photos for this section courtesy of Buck ("Pickaxe Pete") Allen

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