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Forward Cargo Compartment
Forward Cargo Compartment|

Dan Brown is in the scanners seat,
Bill Walter is standing behind him,
Mike McCarthy is in the foreground,
Allan Garrett (
???) sitting next to Mike,
and Tim Harrison is on the far right.
The photo was taken just off the coast
 of El Salvador in the mid 1980s.

Crew Rest Time
Crew Rest Time


Photos for this section courtesy of: Mike McCarthy & Bill Walter

A1C Kenny Holmes. 
Duke Field Gunner
Check Ride Complete
Step Father was
Lt. Buckman, NAV 16th SOS

"The First Lady" 0129
AC-130A at her place
of honor Eglin Armament

Ken Moersher
(former 16 & 711 SOS Gunner)
proudly giving tours inside
"The First Lady"

1979 Beach Fun!
L to R:  Bobby Daniel,
Bill Walter, Mike Kercheval
Jerry Morris, Dan McMillian

Op-4 Days! (1986)
L to R:  Bobby Kane,
Bill Walter, Bob Derby,
Mike Kercheval

"Ecuador Guns"
Ken Moerscher,

Aircraft was 56-0469
"Grim Reaper" and
the gunners are,
from left to right,
Ken "Moisture" Moerscher,
Derek "DC" Cunningham,
Dennis Geiberger,
 Pat Nichols, Burt Brinkley.

From Guantanamo supporting
aircraft is 55-0011 ‘Night Stalker’.
Two goons in from are, left to right,
SSgt Mike ‘K2’ Klausutis and
SSgt Ken ‘Moisture’ Moerscher.

PJ Cook (AG) Re-Enlisting from
a past AG! 
Now Capt. Willie Kramer
at Kirtland AFB, NM
(Note Ceremonial Flag from
PJ's Flight Suit held by MSgt Pete Zilink)

PJ and Willie were
Spectre Gunners
together in the early '80s

Is this the first case in History of a gunner re-enlisting another gunner?
Occurred on 1/8/93
Let us know if one was earlier.

I salute you "Willie"!
It was an honor to be sworn
in by another gunner
(then Combat Talon NAV)

This is a shot of the crew of 55-0011, Night Stalker, during Uphold Democracy...on the ramp at Gitmo.  Crew is, from left to right:

Back row; Dave Peel/EWO, Tim Sokolowski/AC, Guy Gordon/Nav, Paul Doman/FE, Mike Klausutis/AG, Terry Baker/AG, Ken Stacy/TV, Eric Stewart?/FCO

Front row; Billy Harcus/LG, Mike Fister/Co-pilot, Tom Haddock/Load, Ken Moerscher/
AG, Ken Holmes/AG


Playing cards on the forward 105MM Rack!
L-R:  Tim Harrison (AG), Barry Wilkins (Sen), Sam Rodriquez, and Tim Sine

Tim Sine "Spectre's Youngest Gunner" at Survival School in Fairchild AFB Mountains, Washington State.

Tim is far right holding map, also holding the map is Wes Fields (AG).  2LT Tony Jones is center and became Tim's Roomate at Hurlburt. 
Tony just retired as a Major in 2009

Front and Back of the Famous Spectre
Gone to "P" cards we carried

Tim Sine's 572 Painting in his office today!

Time Sine (AG) and
Steve "Tree" Sapp (FE)

For the Ladies:  Tim Sine (Far Right) with Hurlburt Combat Controller buddies

L-R:  Tim Sine (AG), Col Max Maxwell
(55 SOS PaveHawkPilot, Tony Jones (8 SOS EWO)

From Left:  John "Shorty Long" Bryant (AG), Bobby Daniel (AG), Tim Sine (AG), and Rick Walker (16 SOS 1st Sgt)

Tim acting like we all know he did.  Guy on far left is
George Selix
(55 SOS PaveHawkPilot)

Kadena Base Football Team with former gunner Tim Sine

Kadena Base Football Team with Tim Sine 2nd row, 2nd from Left

Hurlburt NCO Club Coaster

Tim outside of 16 SOS Bldg

From Left:  Col Mike Byers (16 SOS CC...as a young Capt), Col Max Maxwell (55 SOS Pilot...as a young Capt, Tim Sine (Baby Gunner)

Middle of Pic in Toga with Hat w/White Lettering: 
Darren "VITO" Vitalo!

Early 1980s KC-135 Refueling Spectre

Tim Sine on Duck...Spectre Gunners can ride on anything, Anytime, Any Place!
Photos uploaded from Tim Sine (16 SOS Youngest AG 79-83)

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