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AC - Bill Preaskorn
CP - Blain Bateman
NAV - John Nacastri
FCO- Mike Poddubny
FE - Al Garrett
EWO - Rick Masters
TV - Don Hudson
Preaskorn's Crew
Preaskorn's Crew
IR - Glen LeMay (Iceman)
IO - Tom Parker
Gun Crew:
Chester Davis
John Leahey
Mike Chappell
James (Jud) Judkins
Tom Miller
Front Row (L-R)
CP - Capt David Hopkinson
TSgt Kenneth Wood
SSgt Gregory Jones
TSgt Roger Betterelli
TSgt Robert Derby
Capt Paul Havel
Capt Havel's Crew
Capt Havel's Crew
Back Row (L-R)
SSgt Niabaldo "Nick" Cruz
TSgt Ricky Silvis
SSgt Auburn Cox
Maj William Johnson
Capt Randall Heinbaugh
1LT Charles Fetters
MSgt Bobby Stepp
Front Row (L-R)
TV/IR - SSgt Ron "Hirohito" Johnson
IO/LM - Sgt David "OGRE" Puerner
Gunner - SSgt Wes Feilds
Lead Gunner - MSgt Larry Bupp
Gunner - SRA Kevin Robinson (Submitted for a Purple Heart for actions taken during the battle for Kafji)


Capt Timpson's Crew
Capt Timpson's Crew


Back Row (L-R)
Pilot - Capt Don Timpson
Co-Pilot - Capt Mark Demers
Gunner - SSgt Dusty Rhodes
FCO - Capt Eric Smith
Nav - Capt Mike Klinkman
FE - Sgt Fred Gockel
Gunner - MSgt Bob Heflin
EWO - Lt Stephen O'Conner
TV/IR - John Blessinger (KIA, Spirit 03)


IO Sgt Dave Puerner
IO Sgt Dave Puerner


Photos for this section courtesy of:
Tom Parker
Robert Derby
Dave Puerner

Dennis Pannel's crew 

Left to Right:  Hosie, Chuck Collier,
Mark Hornbostle, Major Bates, Dennis Pannell,
Dan Brown, Bill Murphy, Wayne White,
Dave Ceurvels, Frank Zielinsky, Mike Campbell,
 Brian Cutts

Pilot:      Capt Dennis Pannel (Now Colonel Pannel)
Co-Pilot:   Capt Brian Cutts  (Now Colonel Cutts)
Nav:        Major Bates         (Retired Major)
FCO:        Capt Hornbostle     (Retired Lt Col)
EWO:        Lt Bill Murphy      (Retired Capt)
Eng:        SMSgt Hosenbackez (Retired CMSgt)
Load:       SSgt Frank Zielinsky (Retired MSgt)
Ld Gun:     TSgt Dan Brown    (Retired SMSgt)
Gun:        MSgt Wayne White  (Retired SMSgt)
Gun:        SSgt Mike Campbell (Retired SMSgt)
Gun:        SSgt Dave Ceurvels (Now SMSgt Dave C)
Gun:        Sgt Chuck Collier (Now Major Collier)

A very physically fit
Dave Ceurvels on the tarmac
at King Fahd Airport December 1990








Buck sergeant Dave Ceurvels and
SSgt Bob Waltman on a captured
ZPU-4 at Howard AFB
one week after the US invasion
 of Panama during Operation JUST CAUSE.







Photos for this section courtesy of:  SMS Dave Cuervels

711 SOS

Top Row (Left to Right)


Capt Dana Van Cise - FCO

MSgt Rocky Hall - Aerial Gunner

Capt Jerry Thurman - Navigator

TSgt Kevin Gaffney - Flight Engineer

TSgt Bradley (Brad) Sims - Aerial Gunner

Capt Robert (Bob) Harlin - Electronic Warfare Officer

MSgt James (Jimmy G) Graczyk - Aerial Gunner


Bottom Row (Left to Right)


TSgt Stewart (Stu) Jorgenson - Aerial Gunner

Capt Charles (Chas) Stoner - Co-Pilot

SSgt Joe Meany - Aerial Gunner

TSgt Kenneth (Kenny) Taylor - Loadmaster (IO)

SSgt Clay Watson - Sensor Operator (IR)

TSgt Ronald (Ron) Clark - Sensor Operator (TV)

Maj Jack Flanders - Aircraft Commander


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