Ret CMSgt Anthony (Tony) Denoi (and Spectre IO) was honored at the year at the Mercer Memorial Day 500, Memorial Day May 30, 2011.
We even set up a little surprise call in when he was on a LIVE Radio show in Mercer.  PJ Cook called in from Safety Harbor, FL and spoke to the radio show host up in Mercer, PA on how much a great mentor and friend Tony was even throughout the 1980s in Spectre to keep the Heritage Alive!
Anthony DeNoi, USAF, was 25 when he went to war in Vietnam with the 16th Special Operations Squadron. As an Illuminator Operator his job was to spot anti-aircraft fire launched to destroy his gunship. With 267 combat missions under his belt the airman, on March 30, 1972, was hit by two 57mm anti-aircraft rounds that set his plane on fire, blowing off the wing and opening up the fuel tanks causing
the crew of 15 to bail out into the Laotian jungle mountain range called the Steel Tiger West. And, with a broken neck and two paralyzed legs, he found himself alone 25 miles behind enemy lines. He spent 13 hours in the jungle before a Pararescue Team found him and then spent a year in the States recuperating before volunteering to return to Vietnam to fly 38 more missions. He spent 72 months in Vietnam where he earned 7 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 18 Air Medals and 1 Purple Heart. CMSGT DeNoi retired from Grissom Air Force Base, Indiana, where he received the Legion of Merit for his distinguished career. He became the second most decorated enlisted man to serve in the Strategic Air Command during the Vietnam era.







Copy of the citation
Rep. Brooks presented
to Anthony Denoi
on May 30, 2011. 
Rep. Brooks was truly
honored to present to him. 
This citation in appreciation
 for his dedicated service
 to our country as a
 member of the
United States Air Force.

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