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Photos for this section courtesy of:

PJ Cook and the Original Winghouse Ladies
 in Largo, FL


Photos below courtesy of Bill Walter Spectre Gunner

Your Web Guy (PJ Cook) on the Breech, Tim Harrison Loading, Unk Brass Puller

Wayne White, Todd McGee and Bill Walter with Truckasaurus in Saudi Arabia


Bob Kane, Tim Harrison, DC Ford at Fireside

Bill Walter and Clyde Gowdy

Bill Walter Angelo Pearson, Ken Bonn,
Jud, Steve Hicks


Mazurs Crew Somalia

Back Row: Dallas Lee, Marty VanBuren, Mike Bachman, Ron Palmer, Rob Zaleske, Floyd Garrett, Leo Cissell

 Front Row: Kevin Robinson, Wally Kuha, Bill Walter, Rocky Hall, Chris Mazur, Jeff Lemasters, Lorin Siron


Brent Cosens, Bill Walter, Jud in Guam 1982

Dean Chambliss and Bill Walter
(drinking with a 20th gunner???...Just kidding, Diz Dean is a Great guy!)

Jud, Ken Bonn, Bill Walter, Angelo Pearson, Jim Wyttenbach, Ron Broyles, Steve Hicks

Going South

Hanging on the tanker

Just Cause
(Artwork from Mike McCarthy)


Transue's Crew Just Cause (Air Papa 04)

Back row left: Steve Hicks, Wayne White, Phil B?, Ed Apler, Frank Demchenko, Bill Walter, ???, Fred Kramer, Bill Jennings, Bill Jackson, Barry Clark

 Front row left: Berine Gilbert, Scott Taylor, Mark Transue, Viglione, Mike McCarthy, ???, Wally Kuha


Mike Kercheval, Bobby Daniel, Bill Walter OPFOR 1986


Panama Beald Kirk

Back Row Left: ??, Tom Waylett, ??,??,Ron Marshall, Bob Gross, Gene Eller

Front Row left: Larry Hickey,
Matt Lofgren, Rick Meyers, Bill Walter, Paul Beuge

Laying down: James (Bubba) Bubanas



Panama Blinking Light

Front to back: Herman Hererra, Bill Burgess, Sammy Rodriguez, ??, Mark Johnson, Al Williams, Jack Flanders, Wally Kuha, Roger Vanstee, Bill Walter, Nicastri, Ed Rodriguez, Fred Kramer, Bateman


Panama Comandancia area burning on 21 Dec 89

Wayne White, Dan Brown, Dave Creuvels, Tom, Johnny Bench, Bill Walter, Gary King in front of 6567 at King Fahd one month
before it was shot down

Sensor alignment over HRT

Archie, Scott Taylor, Ed Appler
on King Fahd ramp

Bill Walter with RPG-7

Bobby Daniel , Ray Huckabone,
Mark Johnson at King Fahd

Bob Heflin, Bobby Daniel , Al Garrett , Wayne White, Todd McGee at King Fahd

Bill Walter at Khafji March 1991

Bill Walter entering Khafji March 1991

Saudi Kuwait Border Post.
This was the target Spirit 03 was  firing on when shot down

Rocky Hall on the 20s

Splitting a beer with Tim in Iowa...never understood how he could drink Busch

Tim Beish and Bill Walter looking at 105mm shot impact by Spirt 03 on Kuwait Saudi Border Post March 1991

Steve Hicks looking at 105mm impact crater on Rio Hato

Wayne White & Tom Miller
at King Fahd

AC-103A 011
Final resting place DM Bone yard

MSgt Dallas Lee (LM) inside
AC-103A 011
Final resting place DM Bone yard

AC-103A 011
Final resting place DM Bone yard
"We will miss you Old Gal"!

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