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EVERYONE is welcome to join the Spectre Association. We accept all membership applications as this is a Association First and Foremost Supporting the Heritage of Side-Firing GUNSHIPS! We welcome former squadron members, maintenance and support personnel, and even "Fans" of the GUNSHIP. Welcome Aboard!
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30% and up Military Disability (Proof req)

Next is how you are affiliated with the Association. If you were a Flyer, simply type Crew Position (P/NAV/AG/SEN/FE/IO/LM/Photog...). If you were Other 4/16 SOS member, type your job title (First Sgt/Admin/Life Support/Medic...). We also highly welcome the folks that kept us in the air...Our Maintenance Brothers and Sisters. If you are a Maintainer put Maintenance and what your job was (Crew Chief/Fuel Cell/Avionics/Engine Shop...). Lastly, if you desire simply to belong but have no formal affiliation you are also welcome as a supporter of America's Fabulous Four Engine Fighter. In this case simply type (Associate Member). Thanks Again.
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REMEMBER, NEXT either go to the Online Store page and select the type membership you are applying for to purchase (You can use PayPal OR after you click the "Add to Cart" Button, select the Credit Card you wish to use) OR send in your check or money order to the address above. Can't wait to see you at the next Reunion!