Actor Bruce Willis in Afghanistan visiting Gunships!
I'll bet he would love one in his next Die Hard movie!

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Kirk Buchner (16 SOS Intel Officer 1999-2002)

40MM Warheads

69-574 Nose View

105MM & 40MM

69-574 Cockpit



Alpha 1

Amisano Crew

Amisano Crew Maximum

Dusk Shooting

GS-9 on 105

169 AC-130 For Sale

Gunner Patch

Dagger Print Sample

Kirk and 69-572


Kirk and 69-572


M-4s Ready!

105 Good Wishes!

On the Hose

Spectre Nose Art





Jeff LeMasters

Jeff LeMasters & ?



Sunset AR

Sunset Formation

Spectre in flight

105 MM Proximety Fuse

Sunset Formation

Way Points

Way Points

Way Points

Rest in Pieces


Spectre Door 2

Spectre Door 1

Spectre Engaging!

DJ's (Turner) Dawn Patrol.  It was taken during the early morning of 02 Mar 02.  I think it was Dave Harrison in GRIM-32, our sister ship, who took the pic.  Our call sign was "GRIM-31" and we were being controlled by a SEAL team...MACO-31.  At the time we were taking out a machine gun emplacement, killing the 3 gun crew in the process.  We were the first Spectre to fire during Operation ANACONDA.  It was near Takur Ghar.  I believe we were in 69-6569.  As a side note...the same crew in 69-6574 two days later was involved in the fiasco commonly referred to as "Robert's Ridge".   I know this pic, as a copy of it was presented to me when I returned to Hurbie and was literally out the door to my new assignment to Eielson in  late April '02.  It was given to me by then-Lt Buchner and the Intel Shop....yukon robinson, Spectre EWO

Way Points Sign

Towns Crew

Task Force Dagger

Texas Flag

Texas Flag

Yard of the Month!

Jockey 14

Eglin Reservation
A-78 Range Diagram

Eglin Reservation
C-52 Range Diagram

Eglin Reservation
B-7 Range Diagram

Eglin Reservation
A-77 Range Diagram

Ozzie with a 105MM Round
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Kirk Buchner (16 SOS Intel Officer 1999-2002)

Capt Town's crew, volume II

Uzbek Tent Door Classic Sign

Capt Town's gunners paying tribute to Maxim magazine...from left to right are;

Randy Scanlan, Jeff Lemasters, Ken Moerscher, and Dan Biern

Our crew had a label as engine was all legit. 
Good stories out of this stuff!

Cool U-Model Poster

Kochen Crew
Photos for this section courtesy of:
Ken Moerscher 16 SOS/711 SOS Gunner Extrodinaire

Raising the Flag at Spectre Island

H-Model 6574 with
Self-Explanatory Nose Art Additions!

Photo was sent in with the title
6572 "Wedding Party"

Sent from Chris Hancock 16 SOS AG
Photos for this section courtesy of: ???  Please let me know who uploaded them???  -PJ Cook

16 SOS & H-Models Flags



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